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She Didn't Tell Me Anything I Didn't Already Know


This is really fucking important. I ALWAYS tell my clients about the ‘I already knew that’ phenomenon, because they (rightly) do not have any idea that it can be super important.

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Guess who forgot they have to buy art supplies for their college drawing class? Me. Guess who really doesn’t want to dip into emergency savings for sketchbooks and that shit? Me. Now obviously I’m looking for a job and in the middle of that fun search, but in the mean time I thought I’d offer some extra readings and what have you for anyone who wants to send me a paypal tarot tip (the button to do so featured at the top of my blog)

-Chakra Tarot Readings (for $3+ donations)

I draw a card for each of the mean seven chakras, explain the chakra as well as what that means in relation to the card I drew. I focus on which chakras need the most improvement and how to help fix those, as well as sometimes drawing additional cards for how to fix those chakras.

-Writing Spread

Tell me a bit about your story or what characters/plot aspect you want me to do a reading on. I have a five card plot overview, as well spreads for individual characters, where they fit in the story or with others, and how they should grow and change throughout the novel.

-Self Awareness/ 7 types of Wellness Spread ($3+ donations)

I made a 14 card spread that’s a personal check in on where you are in the seven different types of wellness (social, physical, spiritual, etc) and how to improve each of those. It’s a really good way to get a whole self tarot reading that covers all the bases.

-Any Custom Spread

I’m more than happy to make a custom spread based on whatever topic or issue you want to cover 

These readings are only available if you give a paypal tip because most of them are large spreads and I don’t normally offer those online since they’re so energy and time consuming. Just let me know the name you used for paypal when you send an ask in my inbox.  For custom spreads or writing spreads the amount of depth and cards I go into is dependent in part on the donation amount, but will be at least 5 cards.

So basically you can get a 5 card reading for as low as $1 and a 7+ card chakra reading or 14 card wellness reading for $3. Though I would of course appreciate large donations as well, I’m putting low prices on these because as much as I need the funds for college supplies, transportation, all that stress, I also know that not everyone has a lot of money to spare for tarot and I want to keep the readings at accessible prices.

And all readings come with a picture of the spread, because I’m a visual person and the art on my decks (wild unknown and secret forest) are lovely

100 Variations of the 3-Card Spread.


Beginning, middle, end
Mind, body, soul
Past, present, future
Yesterday, today, tomorrow
Three choices
Yes, no, maybe
Birth, life, death
Childhood, adolescence, adulthood
Unconscious, conscious, super-conscious
Idea, manifestation, process
Person, Place, Object
Desire, conflict, resolution
Illusion, disillusionment, new understanding
Idea, knowledge, action
Mother, father, child
One extreme, its opposite, the golden mean
Best case scenario, worst case scenario, probable outcome
Attraction, union, creation
Action, reaction, outcome
External obstacle, internal obstacle, goal
Self, partner, family
Ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph
Greatest strength, greatest weakness, driving passion
Desire, obstacle, resolution
Conflict’s nature, conflict’s source, next step
The beast, the mob, the guardian angel
Family, friends, self
Problem, first step towards solution, ultimate resolution
Red light, green light, yellow light (i.e. don’t do it, do it, take caution)
Conception, pregnancy, birth
Past self, present self, future self
Crisis, source of crisis, conclusion
Passion, reason, imagination
Knowledge, deceit, revelation
Drive, direction, destination
Enemies, traitors, allies
Real issue, next action, ultimate destination (hat tip to RedEarth)
Lies, hidden truth, truth
Self-deception, deception by others, first step to finding the truth
False issue, real issue, your role in it
Cause of despair, hidden strength, path to victory
Two possible outcomes from a change - Change, Outcome 1, Outcome 2
Pain, healing action, positive possibility
Pain, destructive action, negative possibility
Selfish action, consequences for others, possible reconciliation
Person 1, Person 2, the nature of their relationship
Gratitude spread: abundance, sources of love, silver linings
Emotion, source of emotion, next action
Higher principle, test, how to “pass” said test
Fear, current response, better response
Action, Feeling, Thought
Symbol, Principle, Fact
Beauty, Truth, Knowledge (in a situation, a person, etc.)
Nature, Nurture, Culture
Good, Evil, Reality
Self, family, tribe
Abiding passion, obstacle to this passion, a way around it
The Future in: a week, a year, five years
Work, Love, Leisure
Hidden strength, hidden shortcoming, hidden opportunity
What’s needed, what’s wanted, what differentiates them
Safety, Danger, Illusion
Outer Conflict, Inner Conflict, Their Relationship
Hidden Desire, Its Manifestation, Its Consequences
Need, Hidden Need, Action
Your Story, Their Story, How it looks to outsiders
Dream, Nightmare, Waking Life
Trauma, and two “incorrect” or shameful consequences
Trauma, and two paths to healing
Logic, Emotion, Intuition
Personal, Social, Political
A course of action, best outcome, worst outcome
Conception, Growth, Birth (of an idea, business, etc.)
An impending event, what you can’t control about it, what you can do about it
Three approaches: optimistic, pessimistic, practical
Meaninglessness, Order, Meaning
Male, Female, Androgynous (or union of both)
Body, Soul, Mind
Hell, Earth, Heaven
Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis
Situation, attitude, next action
Morning, Day, Evening
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
What You Should Do, What You Will Do, What You Can Do Instead
Attraction, repulsion, indifference
Three Possibilities
Three Hidden Talents
Identity, Community, Purpose
Idea, Reality, Potential
Hate, Need, Love
What, Where, Why
What, Where, How
What’s Apparent, What’s Hidden, What Will Be Revealed
Triumph, Fall, Epiphany
Needs, Wants, Fears
Hidden talent, obvious talent, secret talent
What’s Practical, What’s Fantastical, What’s Possible
Creation, Care, Destruction
Birth, Death, Rebirth
Peace, Love, Understanding


"I am, I do, I have" Spread

Sometimes we can fall into the ego trap of feeling like we must have certain things, do certain things, in order to be what we want. But when you’re stuck in that mindset, you may often feel like nothing you do can actually achieve that end result, so you keep trying to acquire things, and you keep trying to do things, and you keep not being what you want. This spread can help you stop that vicious cycle once and for all. 

  1. I am enough of this
  2. I do enough of this
  3. I have enough of this

You can also focus this spread onto specific areas. For example, you can angle it towards your tarot practice.

  1. 9 of Swords - I am thoughtful enough. (I spend plenty of time examining and thinking about situations from multiple angles; this is a positive look at a card that can represent obsession & anxiety.) Alternatively, I am very aware of different issues, unique thoughts, and complex problems.
  2. The Hierophant - I do enough counseling and teaching, both receiving and giving.
  3. 9 of Pentacles - I have enough knowledge and experience.


Over the next two weeks (until July 20th), I will be trying out something I call Cards for a Cause. Make a paypal donation directly to the charity or non-profit of your choice, send a screencap of your paypal confirmation screen or your paypal receipt (don’t forget to edit out any personal information) to broomstraws (at) gmail (dot) com, and get a confidential Tarot reading of your choice. 

Any size donation. Any size spread. You can bring me your spread or just bring me your questions. I will do any reading for any person who sends me proof of a donation to a charity. It’s that easy. If you’re stumped on what to pick, try the National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide, which promotes awareness of the struggles that face US veterans, supports their families, provides resources for veterans, and leads community projects the benefit veterans.

Remember, you are not making a donation to me. I don’t have a Paypal link anywhere on my blog. You’re making a donation to the non-profit of your choice. Any non-profit. Any donation. Any reading. Just send me a screencap of your confirmation or receipt. 

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So here’s what I tell my clients when the Magician shows up in a reading:

It is the first universal law that Energy Follows Thought.  So…

Change your consciousness.  Change your reality.  Visualize what you want, feel your way to it, and watch what happens.  Plus, actively work every day on taking the necessary steps to create whatever it is you want in this world.  You have to engage as well.  You want to win the lottery?  You have to buy the ticket.  In other words, it’s all fine and good to meditate and visualize, but you have to get in the game, too.

Own your power.  Act with conscious awareness and laser beam concentration.  Put yourself out there.  Know who you are, believe in yourself, and take action. Time to focus.  Time to act with extreme prejudice on your own behalf.  Time to get rid of any unnecessary distractions and get to work on manifesting your dreams.

But don’t forget your connection to Source.  Ever.  When the chips are down and it’s feeling like an uphill struggle at times to get to where you want to go, when if feels like the people in your life aren’t very supportive, or that events seem to be conspiring to thwart your efforts, remember and maintain your connection to the Divine, the eternal wellspring of ALL THAT IS.

Spirit has your back.  Spiritual power is true power.

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